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Friday, 11 December 2015

[GET][PURCHASED] UberMenu - Sticky Menu Extension

This plugin is an extension for UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin
UberMenu Sticky Extension adds the ability to make your UberMenu “sticky”, meaning it’ll stick to the same spot in the viewport as your users scroll down your page.

Sticky menus allow your users easy access to your menu at all times, without having to scroll back to the top of the page to navigate to a different part of your site. The Sticky Menu Extension will stick your menu in place even if it doesn’t start off at the top of your site, and hold it there while your users browse your content.

Please note that as this is an extension, it will not do anything without UberMenu installed.

Version - v3.1.1 March 30, 2015


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

[Get] Codecanyon – Easy Social Share Buttons v1.3.4 WordPress Plugin (100% Work)

Easy Social Share Buttons is a Plugin for your WordPress site that 
allows users to share things on different Social sites.The best thing 
about the plugin is that it is compatible with the latest version of 
WordPress So don’t waste your time in searching any other social sharing
Plugin and Download it now.


Magic Button :
Virus Scan:
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Magic Button :

[GET] [PURCHASED] MyMail 2.0.29 - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

Please, consider purchasing it directly from


== Changelog ==

= Version 2.0.29 =

* fixed: PHP notice
* fixed: wrong local issue
* fixed: updating wp-cron interval now actually updates the current cron interval
* fixed: force wp-cron if not triggered for over an hour
* fixed: status were set to "pending" if imported with merged option and ignore status
* fixed: issue with certain user time based autoresponders in different timezones
* fixed: wrong calculation of next schedule if current is in the past for more than 48 hours
* fixed: caching issue with some object cache plugins
* fixed: issue with undefined signup date on import
* fixed: error in queue when custom field count is > 55
* update: using {post_image:123} == {attachment_image:123} if 123 is an image ID

[GET] Yoast Local SEO Plugin v1.3.8

Yoast Local SEO Plugin v1.3.8 
Sale page:
SHA256: 9b5361595b3f41d5086e11c477e941a953677f885f20e497238b7cb24d6d7fa8
Nombre: Yoast.Local.SEO.v1.3.8 (1).zip
Detecciones: 0 / 54
Fecha de análisis: 2015-11-05 21:18:42 UTC (hace 0 minutos)

1. When install the plugin for the first time (never installed before) and plugin ask you to insert a licence key, just enter a number of your choice (just numbers)
2: Open your phpmyadmin->your_database_name->table_prefix_options
3: Find the row: yoast-seo-premium_license (if new installation) or wordpress-seo-premium_license (if installed before) (generally at the and of table values, show 500 rows option to view this value at the end of table values)
4: Click Modify and insert: a:3:{s:3:"key";s:20:"00112233445566778899";s:6:"status";s:5:"valid";s:11:"expiry_date";s:19:"2050-12-31 23:59:59";} on the "option_value" column
5: Click Execute and enjoy the plugin without banners or asking for licence.

[GET][Purchased] Layered Popups for WordPress - v4.80

2015-08-15 - version 4.80 released
Quote:- Added jQuery Mask plugin.
- Added option to disable font settings for layers.
- Improved export procedure.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Sales Page




Important Note
Quote:**If you find the plugin useful, please support the author and buy it**
* The file is downloaded straight from Code Canyon
* Have not altered the files in any shape or form
* If the plugin needs nulling, hopefully someone here will do so and share
* Password is the usual forum password
* Will try to keep the file updated ... please post a prompt here when it is updated.

[GET] Codecanyon - Site Visitor - Traffic Generator

Site Visitor tool allows you to generate traffic on your site(s). 
The tool provide full browser emulation so all scripts (including analytics such as google analysts) will execute on pages. 
You can configure input flow and see all processing in real-time. 
Search engine traffic generation supported (currently Google and Bing). Multithreading, proxies, waiting intervals configuration supported.

Sale page:

Friday, 4 December 2015

[GET] Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer 3.13.14

December 3, 2015 – Version 3.14.0

- New element: Team
- Improvement: Interactive Banner 2 - HTML Tag
- Improvement: Smooth scroll - Compatible mode, Speed and steps options
- Improvement: Flip box - ultFlipBoxClicked event added for developers 
- Improvement: Font icon manager - Updated URL scheme fix using set_url_scheme while loading fonts
- Improvement: BSF CORE - registration menu under dashboard, addon resources under resources page
- Improvement: Responsive font size, line height and Google fonts added to all elements
- Improvement: Row Separator - New "Multi triangle" separator
- Improvement: Video Backgrounds - Placeholder position set to center
- Fixed: VC 4.8 compatibility issue with vc_generate_dependencies_attributes
- Fixed: Google font manager - subsets are not working if Load scripts globally option is enabled
- Fixed: Advanced Carousel - navigation styles
- Fixed: Hosted video background - Full height dimension causing text outside
- Fixed: IB2 - Broken image tag removed if image not selected 
- Fixed: Unoptimized JS+CSS Interactive banner not working if IB2 added on same page
- VC 4.9 compatible for row backgrounds and margin bottom 




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